About Me

Hi and welcome to my website!

My name is Paula and I am for the moment an architecture student in Timisoara, Romania.

This is the space where I express my creativity, ideas, personal projects and other relevant pieces of information which inspire me and I believe that it might inspire you as well.

My life is mainly a combination of two elements, which I think they are somehow complementary:


I believe that creation is the most powerful ability we have and leveraging this ability while designing spaces we are able not just to create or add value with our work, but also to inspire and arouse emotions in those who are using these spaces.

There are several elements that I always consider when designing buildings and spaces: humans and social interactions, humans and their connection with the natural environment, humans and their comfort.

Fashion design

I was passionate about fashion since kindergarten, when I learnt to sew clothes for my dolls and later I started designing clothes for me and my sister, and recently for my friends.

The main reason for sewing things was to create unique pieces. In this century, when it exists a perfect female “pattern” which every girl wants to achieve, I think that each woman deserves the right to choose to be unique, otherwise she will get lost in the crowd.

About the Site

paulaonicala.com is a work in progress, which I try hard to improve day by day and it is used as a learning and sharing platform for me and hopefully for my readers too.

The idea of this site was to combine my two passions: architecture and fashion design. I enjoy sharing with you what I do every day professionally, but also out of passion and I hope this will inspire you, as it inspires me every time I am sharing something.

If you are interested in collaborating with my site, I enjoy sharing interesting and creative projects about architecture, fashion and lifestyle, so you can contact me at contact@paulaonicala.com.


I am  Paula Onicala
birth  19.05.1992
ocupation  architecture student
location  Timisoara, Romania
phone  +40745254787
email  contact@paulaonicala.com
linkedin  linkedin.com/in/paulaonicala
facebook  www.facebook.com/paula.onicala
2011 – present – architecture student “Politehnica University of Timisoara” – Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Romania
2007-2011 – mathematics and informatics student National College “Carol I”, Craiova, Romania
Professional experience
2015 October – Fundraising event “Case ciripite” – de-a arhitectura, Bucuresti, Romania, www.de-a-arhitectura.ro
2015 May – “Baumit Life” Contest, Timisoara, Romania – 2nd prize
2015 February-May – “Europan” Contest, Bergen, Norway, http://www.europan-europe.eu/
2015 May – “Fabricam Piata Traian” Contest, Timisoara, Romania
2014 September – Internship at echipadeproiectare.ro, Timisoara, Romania
2014 – freelancing
2015 September – Autumn school The City of Green Buildings, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, http://tcogb.com
2015 May – “Fabricam Piata Traian” workshop, Timisoara, Romania
2015 April – “Introducere in sistemul de audit al accesibilitatii pentru utilizatorii de scaun rulant”, Bucuresti, Romania, http://motivation.ro/
2014 August – Waldorf kindergarten workshop, Timisoara, Romania
2014 July-October – Sebes Towers rehabilitation, Sebes, Romania
2013 July – Summer school Encoded Fields – Studio Zaha Hadid, Timisoara, Romania
2012 July-August – UPT Biblioteque workshop, Timisoara, Romania
Computer skills
  • ArchiCad
  • AutoCad
  • Revit
  • Rhinoceros
  • Grasshopper
  • Maya 3D
  • Artlantis
  • V-Ray
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Microsoft Office Suite
Social and organizational skills
– I enjoy working in teams, being a natural team worker;
– I have excellent time management skills and I am able to prioritize and I deliver high quality work in a timely manner;
– I am comfortable working in changing and dynamic environments, being able to adapt fast to new challenges.
Romanian – native speaker
English – B2 (advanced-fluent)
French – B1 (medium)
Hobbies and interests

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