Champagne Skirt

As I said in the description, my passion is sewing. If there are clothes I want to wear and I can’t find them in stores or they are too expensive, I just make them myself.

This summer I sewed many skirts and I tried all the easy possibilities that I found on the internet to do some nice ones. I will show you today one of them, my short champagne skirt and some tutorials about how you can make your own. It’s easy, all you need is fabric, a zipper, a sewing machine and some¬†courage to try it. You don’t need special qualification, just a little bit of skill.

As a result, you will be unique and this is the best achievement. When you go out and nobody is wearing the same clothes as you are, it just feels great. You will just say¬†it’s your creation when your friends or, sometimes, just a passer-by ask you where did you get those clothes from.

It’s simple, you just have to try it!

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