My special black dress

It’s Sunday evening, the weekend is over and my mind is flying at my elegant black dress, specially made by me for a wedding party. I started creating this dress from the idea of a long and voluminous skirt, and a simple top. Then, I was thinking how about a two pieces dress, because I had too many ideas about the top, and I couldn’t decide between them.

I’m fascinated about the multi-functional clothing products and I think that all of us should be more careful with our decisions, because we will spend a fortune on some dresses which we will wear once or twice, and then we will just keep them in the closet (Ohhhh! This dress was expensive, I’m gonna keep it! :)) ).

So, I created a two pieces dress, which I can wear in many combinations. I can wear the skirt with other tops or I can wear the top with a short skirt, or even with a pair of jeans, so it’s not just a dress that I won’t use it anymore.

If you liked my idea and you want a dress like this, contact me for more information!

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