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Purple dress

Purple dress

I recently started sewing again (after a long period of working on my architecture degree thesis), because I had an important event in my life, the graduation party. With this motivation in my mind, I started searching for the perfect prom dresses, but I couldn’t decide very quickly, so this is the reason that kept me sewing until the day of the party.

My dearest friend encouraged me and she had entrusted me to design her own dress. We were thinking about lots of designs, but in the end, we chose the fabric first and the design after. It was love at first sight with this purple gradient for the fabric and the outcome is pretty amazing as you can see in the pictures, a wonderful dress for my lovely friend.

New laptop envelope sleeve

New laptop envelope sleeve

Recently I handcrafted another envelope sleeve for a MacBook Air 13″ and this time not for myself, but for my cousin’s laptop. I chose a thick grey fabric for a simple, elegant sleeve and beside the main compartment, I also made another side pocket. This pocket creates extra space for carrying along with the computer your phone, wallet or notepad. You just button up and you are ready to go!

20 dresses

20 dresses

It happens to everyone to need to wear a new dress at different occasions, but they don’t find the perfect one, or they just don’t want to spend more money on clothes they will never wear again.

This dress represents an innovative way to transform the same old dress for more than 20 occasions, and you can express your creativity, playing with different accessories, to obtain new outfits.

New laptop envelope sleeve

New laptop envelope sleeve

It’s the first day of 2017, so I was thinking it might be a good idea to start this year by sewing something useful. I started the year with a new laptop and for this I needed a new bag, to cover it, to protect it and to make keep it safe when I carry it around. I don’t like the big bags for laptops, so I always prefer to sew a handmade one. I chose a soft, thick, black material and a white button to close the bag like an envelope.

DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

As the Christmas is coming soon, today I had a little bit of free time to decorate my house. Decoration ideas are everywhere, so it is very easy to find something that you like and you can do by yourself. I attached a link with some of my favorite “do it yourself” projects, where you can get some inspiration from.

For me it was very easy. I just needed a wreath for my door, some candles, lights and that was it. Last year I have done a special wreath, using sewing thread and some very little globes to create this interesting and unique decoration.

See more ideas in the link below:

Personalized pants

Personalized pants

It happens to me many times that I want a certain piece of clothing, something similar to what I am seeing on the internet or in magazines, but everywhere I am searching for something similar, I just can’t find it. There is always something that makes it different than the kind of cloth I want. I bet this happens to you too quite often.

This time I was looking everywhere for a pair of pants with ankle elastic, but I just couldn’t find the pants that I wanted and fitted me well. I was close to give up on the idea of having this model, until I tried a pair of pants, which were almost exactly like the ones I was dreaming of, but lacked the elastic. For me this wasn’t a barrier, I bought them and I sewed the ankle elastic by myself. You can see the result in the pictures below.

From now on, I won’t wait so long anymore until I find exactly what I want or spend lots of money for the perfect pair. I will just buy the almost perfect one and I will personalize it to make it perfect.

Another Romanian Blouse

Another Romanian Blouse

As I wrote in the last article, about two months ago my mother started to sew the well-known Romanian blouses and she made for me already two blouses, which I’m wearing as often as I can.

Today I will share with you some photos with the latest blouse that she made. I wanted a simple one, just black and white, and after she finished it, I made some red pompons because I wanted to add a little bit of contrast.

Romanian blouse “ie”

The Romanian blouse ‘ie’

Hello! Today I will share with you one of my Romanian blouses, with some colored pompoms attached, inspired from one shirt I saw in a  Zara store.

My mother supported me in everything with this project, so, when I showed her the blouse model, she offered to help me to do a traditional blouse, handcrafted, not just sewed using a machine. She started immediately to create the patterns (she has some experience with this because she has sewn another blouse that I will show you soon), and after 2 days of intense sewing, it was ready. You need to have some patience, because it takes so much time to sew all the edges and to put all the parts together. After that, I made some pompoms and she sewed them on the blouse and that’s it. ‘IA’ is ready to wear.

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