Personalized pants

It happens to me many times that I want a certain piece of clothing, something similar to what I am seeing on the internet or in magazines, but everywhere I am searching for something similar, I just can’t find it. There is always something that makes it different than the kind of cloth I want. I bet this happens to you too quite often.

This time I was looking everywhere for a pair of pants with ankle elastic, but I just couldn’t find the pants that I wanted and fitted me well. I was close to give up on the idea of having this model, until I tried a pair of pants, which were almost exactly like the ones I was dreaming of, but lacked the elastic. For me this wasn’t a barrier, I bought them and I sewed the ankle elastic by myself. You can see the result in the pictures below.

From now on, I won’t wait so long anymore until I find exactly what I want or spend lots of money for the perfect pair. I will just buy the almost perfect one and I will personalize it to make it perfect.

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