"I would like my architecture to inspire people to use their own resources, to move into the future"

Tadao Ando

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“Bega povesteste”

“Bega povesteste…”

“Bega povesteste” is an online platform which runs on the idea of sharing impressions and unknown stories about Bega, the ‘forgotten’ channel of Timisoara.

This platform is part of an architecture thesis project, which promotes the beauty behind the abandoned spaces along the river.

Window seating area

Window seating area

I think that the best places in every house are the areas close to the windows. They are unique because of their brightness, warmth, and especially because of their open view.

This kind of spaces makes you more relaxed, meditative, and you can feel very comfortable if you use these areas properly. You can enjoy more your life and your home, by designing a relaxing area next to the window, where you can read a book, drink a coffee, or just sit and watch the sunset.

Waiting Spaces

Waiting spaces

Recently I made a short presentation of the Bega channel from Timisoara. I highlighted the spaces around Bega, which need urgent intervention. It is a short, nostalgic movie, which promotes the unseen beauty of the old industrial areas along the water.

The main idea was to arouse emotions, memories of these forgotten spaces, in order to help communities become aware about the value of the abandoned spaces nearby them. It is a start point of my degree thesis, through which I am trying to reintegrate these areas in the city.

Degree thesis

I want to share with you one of my latest research topics, which was the main reason why I had not posted for a while.

I chose to do my degree thesis having as a topic Bega’s riverfront, and yesterday was the first deadline for the theoretical paper, so I was reading a lot in the last weeks about this.

I found an interesting article that says that it takes 9 steps to creating a great waterfront: focus on the public spaces, public goals are the primary objective, create a relation with the context, mixed functions, a shared community vision, the connections along the waterfront, accessibility, attention on the natural environment, and the last one, and my favorite is START SMALL TO MAKE BIG CHANGES.

Treat your city as your home!

Treat your CITY as your home!

I found some days ago an interesting and very inspiring article about how you can improve your city, doing small things that make you live a happy life. Why can’t we just do these things instead of waiting until it will be too hard or too late?

I want to share with you 101 urban interventions and small ideas with huge potential that can be very useful for your city, like these ones: plant a tree, make a seat, reinvent an alley, build swing sets for adults and many others inspiring ideas.

The photo shows a bus stop in Montreal! I want this in my city!

Please try to improve your city!

I want to be an architect, where do I start?

I want to be an architect, where do I start?

Because I want this site to be a source of inspiration for everyone, today I will focus on those outside the field of architecture, like high-school students who are interested to apply for an architecture major. I found an interesting article which has to be read in order to understand what’s important to know before applying for a graduate degree in architecture. A good idea is trying to work in an architecture office, even since high school, something like a summer job, to see exactly what it is like to be an architect.

“Should I focus on Math? What about Sketching? It must be Presentation skills?”

It’s an interesting blog that I’m following (http://www.lifeofanarchitect.com/), where Bob Borson (architect in Texas) is writing about this profession and he is answering to many questions.

Dress like an architect

Dress like an architect!

Today I will write about how to dress like an architect. It’s a disputed topic with so many jokes around it, like these rules:

1. All black.

2. Black with a bit of grey.

3. Black with a bit of white.

4. Match different shades of black. 

There is not a standard outfit, but I think that the creative side of an architect emerges in his clothing style. I often heard that architects are so unconcerned with their style, but we like to be unique, to communicate something through our clothes.

The Vertical Library, New York

Vertical library, NY

– Gluckplus Architects

This is an exciting project about reinventing the typology of the urban townhouse. It’s interesting how the architect thought the space, he reconfigured the organization and the facade of the existing building, in order to create a more valuable, private, open living space.

‘The front façade engages the street with a custom water-cut aluminum rain screen, with brick-shaped openings relating to the solid bricks of its neighbors. During the day, it appears as a flat, patterned mass, marked off from the adjacent houses by the tall glass slots on either side. The horizontal joints of the aluminum panels break up the vertical surface as a reference to the rhythm of the window spacing of the row houses. At dusk, this impression wanes as the glow from the horizontal slit windows and the vertical glass slots animates the street façade. The aluminum appears more as a screen than a mass, and invites the eye toward, but not into the house.’

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