Vertical library, NY

– Gluckplus Architects

This is an exciting project about reinventing the typology of the urban townhouse. It’s interesting how the architect thought the space, he reconfigured the organization and the facade of the existing building, in order to create a more valuable, private, open living space.

‘The front façade engages the street with a custom water-cut aluminum rain screen, with brick-shaped openings relating to the solid bricks of its neighbors. During the day, it appears as a flat, patterned mass, marked off from the adjacent houses by the tall glass slots on either side. The horizontal joints of the aluminum panels break up the vertical surface as a reference to the rhythm of the window spacing of the row houses. At dusk, this impression wanes as the glow from the horizontal slit windows and the vertical glass slots animates the street façade. The aluminum appears more as a screen than a mass, and invites the eye toward, but not into the house.’

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