”Memory path”


Theme: reintegration of the abandoned areas along the river in the city

Location: Timisoara, Romania

Year: 2016-2017

Duration: 8 months

“Cities seek a waterfront that is a place of public enjoyment. They want a waterfront where there is ample visual and physical public access – all day, all year – to both the water and the land. Cities also want a waterfront that serves more than one purpose: they want it to be a place to work and to live, as well as a place to play. In other words, they want a place that contributes to the quality of life in all of its aspects – economic, social, and cultural”.

Remaking the Urban Waterfront, the Urban Land Institute (Seattle Department of Planning and Design, 2012)



In the context of Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2021, this project proposes a “memory path” along the river, with the reintegration of abandoned areas, which have a strong identity and memory for the local communities.


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