Parasite Studio projects

Projects developed within the Architecture Office Parasite Studio

-building layouts, architectural plans, technical details, renderings, project monitoring site visits, documentation for authorisation and permits

Location: Timisoara, Romania

Year: 2016 – 2017

The “AK HOUSE” is a project developed for a couple with two children. The house is made up of a simple and modern black and white volume, with large windows and it can be assimilated to the minimalist style. The interior design kept the same minimalist style and the furniture and finishings used were mainly custom-made objects and premium materials.

The “K HOUSE” is a single family building, made up of a small white parallelipiped with simple black accents for the edges and window frames. The house blends with the surrounding buildings, becoming part of the existing context. The interior design is keeping the same white background with black lines like the outside of the building. There are also several colored accents on the furniture, bringing it out of the ordinary.

The “L HOUSE” project represents an extension of an older house from Timisoara. The extension is comprised by adding an attic over the existing floors, which gives additional space for renting. Because it’s a narrow house, there is also a proposal for an interior yard, which gives the opportunity for the adjacent rooms to be naturally illuminated.

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